Sunday, January 28, 2018

Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

Started 2018 with lunch on 1st January 2018 with siblings and our spouses (10 or us). Been a long time since I ate at Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant. Yes, the restaurant can revolve. The view outside was fantastic, can see Sentosa and the cable car.

Ordered 5 bowls of porridge to share among 10 of us, the lean pork porridge with century eggs was very good and delicious.

Peking duck - the crispy skin wrapped in the rice flour crepes while the duck meat cooked with the noodles

Sunday, January 7, 2018

BBQ Lunch at Manna Korean BBQ Restaurant, Telok Ayer

Recently, had a sumptous BBQ lunch at Manna Korean BBQ Restaurant at Telok Ayer Road. We decided to have the BBQ on our table instead of them bbq in the kitchen.

Beef Rib Eye (Saengdungshim - $30.80)

Chicken (Yangyum Dak Gui - $23.80)

Assorted Vegetables (Sangchu - $2.80)

They came with side dishes too, the rice costs $1.90 per bowl.

Water and rice tea are provided free.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Yishun Hawker Centre

Yishun Hawker Centre located at Yishun Avenue 11, is newly opened in September. It is a 800 seat hawker centre with high ceiling and is not stuffy unlike those older hawker centre.

Diners can pay for their food and drinks using either cash or a mobile application which stores credits. Those using the app currently get a 10 per cent discount on their bill.

I ordered the har cheong gai(prawn paste chicken wing) from Ah Tan Wing. It's quite nice and delicious, if only their chilli is a bit more spicy.

Hubby ordered the ngoh hiang (variety of fried food) and the mee hoon(Rice vermicelli)

We paid 50 cents for deposit when we get a tray from the respective stall to carry our food to our table. When we return the tray at the designated return point, an automated system will dispense the deposit to us. No need to pay deposit if we do not need the tray.

More information on how to go to Yishun Hawker Centre

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hawkerman at Singpost Centre, Paya Lebar.

Hawkerman as a one-stop destination for your favourite hawker grub. It features three popular brands under one roof: fried chicken ,fried chicken chain Tenderfresh, Hokkien Mee stall Warong Kim’s (originally called Kim’s Fried Hokkien Mee), and Ah Boy Popiah (a spin-off of Good Chance Popiah). Actor and TV host Ben Yeo’s Tenderfresh Group is behind this stylo-mylo air-conditioned 75-seat restaurant where you order and pay at the counter and collect your food when it’s ready. Read more from source.

Bao Ka Liao sharing platter at S$32.90 (feeds 2 or 3), it had seven items including Tenderfresh Signature Fried Half Spring Chicken, Warong Kim’s Hokkien Mee, and Ah Boy’s Hokkien Popiah.

I did not order the sharing platter, seems too much for 2 of us, we just ordered the famous 3.