Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lunch at The Arches Restaurant - Sentosa

This lunch is so good. After walking around Sentosa for awhile, we were already feeling so hot and thirsty and hungry. So we hunt around the island for a nice restaurant that is air conditioned. We are lucky we dont have to hunt for long cause this is not the first time I been to this restaurant.

The Arches Restaurant at 6 Imbiah Road Sentosa served very good food. The first thing I had was to gulp down nice cold coca cola with plenty of It really cool me down for awhile.

Our lunch was so yummy, we had white rice with these delicious dishes to accompany.

Black Pepper Beef-the beef is so soft and tender - very yummy $14.12 (inclusive of GST)

Fish Fillet with big kidney beans thai style - $17.66 - first time I tried fish with beans, I think I had to learn to cook a similar dish like that...yummy.

Crispy Chicken - $11.77

Mapo Tofu - $14.12

Sambal Kangkong - $10.59
You must try out the restuarant, the service staffs are very friendly and the restaurant is very cozy.
As I walked out of the restaurant, they are already preparing some food for buffet and I could smell the nice aroma of the I am hungry. I would like to go there again.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dinner at Prima Taste Kitchen at Centrepoint

My childhood friend, Jen and myself had a sumptous dinner at Prima Taste Kitchen. It was so yummy and tasty. The price is very reasonable too. Prima Taste Kitchen is a quick-service restaurant which serves a selection of authentic Singapore favourites. You can view more at its official website .

Cannot really remember the name of the dish, I think this is cuttlefish with satay sauce

Curry Chicken

Bean Curd topped with pork floss and mayonnaise sauce.