Monday, April 25, 2011

Moon Cake Agar Agar Mould

I am so happy that I found the moon cake agar agar mould in Penang. I cant find them in Singapore.

They are sold at RM10.00 for three. There are other types of mould too but I did not get cause I got so many moulds at home

Not advertising for her but just in case readers happen to be in Penang and wanted to know where the shop is, the street and shop is just behind (not inside) the wet market (i.e. Chowrasta)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Muthu's Curry Fish Head at 313 Somerset

Oooooo, my best friend and I had curry fish head at Muthu's Curry Restaurant at 313 Somerset Road. It was very good and tasty. We really enjoyed our lunch there.

Crackers that accompanied with the curry fish head.
We ate the white rice from the banana leaf with some vegetables and brinjals.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Seah Imm Hawker Centre

Yesterday, hubby and me went to Seah Imm Hawker Centre for lunch. Although the weather is so hot but surprising the hawker centre is not so stuffy and hot. It is quite spacious and not crowded at that time when we were there. Hubby had nasi brani and it costs S$4.50 I had Ayam penyat (fried chicken rice) and costs me S$4.00 There are cheaper food at the hawker centre, if I am not mistaken the cheapest is about S$2.50. You can see the hawker centre is very airy and spacious.