Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buffet Dinner at Straits Cafe Rendezvous Hotel

Family have a sumptous buffet dinner at Straits Cafe, Rendezvous Hotel. It is so yummy and we ate so

There are so many varities of food there and the prawns are real huge.

Salad Section
This section has a lot of spicy food.
My son ate so many Japanese food at the buffet.

Huge Prawns, Chinese salad, etc

Beef Satay, Oyster Omelette, Chicken in crepes

Rice with curry chicken, sambal kangkong, pan fried salmon, spring roll, etc

Chinese Dim Sum

Nonya this is real good, the gravy is so thick and tasted so good....yummy.

Dessert and Cakes Section....I spotted the durian my favourite

I ate three cups of the durian pengat and 5 pieces of crepes with durian in it...hehehehe
Tomorrow I have to go on a