Sunday, January 1, 2006

Home Party Singapore Style for Christmas 2006

The food were contributed or made by siblings and myself. Even though we are not christains, was so much fun celebrating by fun eating and enjoying the christmas party and yes,we exchange presents too.

Otak Otak (A small, flat strip of meat paste (usu. fish) wrapped in a banana-leaf strip and roasted) bought from Hougang St 21 hawker centre. Very yummy

Soon Kueh (A Chinese pastry consisting of a sticky translucent skin filled with shredded bamboo shoots or turnip, usually eaten with chilli sauce and sweet sauce.) No, this is not made by anyone of us, was purchased from a local kueh stall. Now I am hungry

Ngoh Hiang (Chinese spring rolls - cooked by eldest sister)

Fried Mee Hoon (Fried Rice vermicelli), cooked by eldest sister.

Glutinous Rice (forgot to put some roast nuts and cut chillis and fried shallots on rice for phototaking). This is cooked by my eldest sister.

Chilli Crabs

Black Pepper Crabs

Yam basket (This dish purchased from a local food stall)

Deer meat with spring onion. ( This dish is bought from a local food stall)

Curry Chicken cooked by eldest sis.

Mango Pudding. I think it is cheaper to buy off the shelves then to make it cause the ingredients are very expensive...hahaha but it tasted nicer than those sold outside. Oh, did I mention that this is made by me. (Making it is easy but the washing up after that is stressful....arggghh)

Homemade longan almond jelly...........this is eaten as a dessert and made by me. My siblings and family like this. From the above, you now know who is the best cook ie. my eldest sister....hehehe. I am good at desserts only.