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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wedding Dinner at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport

Recently, attended a wedding dinner at Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 3. So you dont have to fly to be at the airport. Changi Airport has a hotel, many restaurants, cafes, eateries, supermarkets, shops, etc. It is just like a big shopping mall. Changi Airport is one of my favourite place to dine , shop, or just to take photos.

The wedding rings.

Love the centrepiece of each of the wedding table, looked so retro.

Free gift for everyone from the wedding couple, inside is a selfie stick for photography.

Wedding menu for the chinese wedding dinner. Food was good and tasty. Yummy.

And of course, we need to give ang pows (red packets/ gifts of money) to the wedding couple. The closer your relationship with the couple, the bigger the gift of money.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wedding Dinner at Changi Village Hotel

Attended a wedding dinner at Changi Village Hotel. First time there, the hotel looked very elegant and the dinner was great and the wedding was of course very beautiful and all goes well.

First course was the Treasure Combination Platter

Second course was the double boiled fish maw soup, tasted like Shark's Fin Soup. Nowadays in Singapore, they dont encouraged to include Shark's Fin Soup into the menu to protect the sharks.

Third course was the crispy prawns tossed in garlic mayo, with lots of fruits too

Fourth course was the Steamed Garoupa in Supreme Soya Sauce

Fifth course was the baby spinach with mushroom and sea cucumber in oyster sauce

Sixth course was the crispy boneless chicken with plum sauce and honey

Seventh course was the stewed ee fu noodles with golden chives

Last course was the cream of mango with sago and pomelo

Was delighted with the food and was so full that I had a hard time sleeping that night lol.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Chinese Wedding Dinner

This is a very chinese wedding really tasted so good and yummy and I think I ate too

Crispy Roast Whole Suckling Pig

The pig is almost naked after we ate the skin with the mini pancakes.

Twin Combination of Deep-fried Prawnswith Wasabi Mayo Sauce and Crispy Prawns Ball with Salted Egg Yolk Filling

Oh I especially love the crispy prawn ball with salted egg inside it.

Braised Shark’s Fin Soupwith Crab Roe and Meat

Stewed Sliced Abalone and Sea Cucumberwith Vegetables

Fried Finely Chopped SucklingPig served with Lettuce

The meat left over from the roasted pig was cooked to make another dish and we ate it with cabbage leaves.

Steamed Sliced Chicken withFragrant Mushrooms and Ham

Steamed Garoupa with Chef’s Special Sauce

Fried Rice with Prawnswrapped in Lotus Leaf

Coconut Yam Paste with Ginko Nuts

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Lunch

Wedding Lunch at Fullerton Hotel

The difference in this hotel from other hotels, they served the food to individual plates for diners unlike traditional chinese wedding, where the main course was placed in the centre of the table and the diners help themselves to the food.

Cold Dish with combination of assorted food.

Sharks Fin Soup

Fried Cod Fish served with mango (thai style)

Cantonese crispy roasted chicken

Abalone with brocolli

Fried Rice

Dessert with snow fungus