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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dinner at Beijing Lou Johor Bahru

Recently, I was invited for dinner at Beijing Lou in Johor Bahru, the food was very good and so very impressive but the jam from Singapore to Johor Bahru during the weekend was so terrible , stuck at custom for 3 over hours, the worse thing was no toilets at the custom, had to pass Johor custom and find petrol station or cafe for toilets, OMG.

This banquet was so impressive, need two servers to carry the whole display to the table. Contain of appetizers, salad, seafood like abalone, crabs, oysters, etc. Tasted so delicious, look so impressive, wow and very instagram worthy.

Lobster claws with glass noodles

The above and below dish are from one fish, the soup was made from the fish head while the rest of the fish meat was stir fry.

Peking Duck

Assorted vegetables with seafood

Lastly, dessert was coconut pudding, was so tasty and good. First time I had this and I like it so much.

No idea about the price of the above dinner, was treat from relative, with our strong Singapore Dollars, guess it is really worth but the traffic jam at custom is very horrible.