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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Balestier Market

Been a long time since I revisited Balestier Market. I post about this market in my Singapore Blog.

The two stone lions flanking the Balestier Market signboard were gone.

I wondered where the stone lions (a replica of the original Merdeka Lion) are now. I googled and try to find the lions and chanced upon this blog another set of the replica merdeka lions.

At first I thought is the same set of lions but closer look, especially the tails and eyes, it looked kinda different so is not the same pair.

Geez, did not know there's so many sets of replica of the merdeka lions.

The Balestier Market is attracting more customers cause there's a lot new stalls in the market selling very good food. The new stalls were all relocated together from Long House food Centre which were closed.

I went from stall to stall to take photos of them, so many food but too bad I have a very small stomach hahaha.

There were many ceilings fans and also huge fans like this in the market, so not to worry feeling hot and stuffy in this market.

Of course, I must try Ah Hui Prawn Noodle after watching last friday's documentary show on Channel 8.

It was indeed very good and at S$5 with two and half big prawns, is really worth it. The broth is really very tasty.

Hubby ordered the chicken and mushroom hor fun, I found the bowl of noodle look odd and then I realised my hubby asked the stall holder not to add any vegetables hahaha. He hated vegetables.

For dessert, we ordered the sweet potato soup, really very tasty and good , had the taste of ginger in it and the soup was really steaming hot.