Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pornsak Thai Restaurant, The Vista Branch

My girlfriend and me visited our favourite TV host Pornsak's restaurant in The Vista at Buona Vista.

Love the cute decorations in the restaurant reminding us about Bangkok.

Curry chicken - could really taste the spices in it.

Stir fry kangkong - tasted so good -should have order the more spicy kangkong

Handmade Thai crispy shrimp patties - was served steaming hot - really very good.

Highly recommend you to try the food - would go again another time to try the other food.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So Pho Vietnamese Restaurant at Nex Serangoon

Decided to try the new vietnamese restaurant at Nex, Serangoon.

Had the Ice Lime Tea and Salty Plum Soda (need to mix the plum drink around to get the even taste, tasted sweet and sour - like the taste very much)

Sis, had the beef pho

I had the chicken pho

Mixed Appetizers (consists of prawn cakes, summer rolls & spring rolls)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Curry Times Restaurant at Westgate Jurong

Was shopping in Westgate Mall in Jurong, when we chanced upon Curry Times Cafe run by Old Chang Kee (a very old and popular brand in Singapore - they used to sell curry puffs and still are selling the popular curry puffs all over Singapore.) You have to google for the website, wonder why the site do not allow me to copy and paste the link here.

Very cute cafe with display of a lot of nostalgic items from the past.

Hahaha even the staff were spotted wearing "samfu" (my mom used to sew her own samfu in the past). You can read the origins of the sam fu from infopedia.

There were lots of nice curry dishes in the menu but as we had already taken a heavy lunch, we just need some snack for our tea break.

Had the set of one curry bun and one cup of coffee, I think was $2.

My friend had the bubur cha cha (a kind of coconut dessert).

Could not resist to take a cone of complimentary candy cookies.

Next time we would try the main curry dishes.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan Bedok Mall Branch

At last I managed to try the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan (the Michelin star awarded Hong Kong restaurant), the first branch in Singapore was at Plaza Singapura and the queue can be crazy,one need to queue for more than 2 hours to try the dim sum but since then they have few more branches around Singapore. That day, we dont even have to queue at the Bedok Mall Branch Restaurant but was indeed full house at the restaurant during lunch time.

Of course, we need to order the big four heavenly king dim sum from Tim Ho Wan.

The first was the famous Baked Bun with BBQ pork, was indeed really good, the skin was very soft, I even ordered two boxes of it to take away.

The second one was the vermicelli roll stuffed with pig's liver, surprised the liver was soft and not tough as I expected it to be, very easy to chew on - very good.

Third must be the pan fried turnip cake

The fourth is the steamed egg cake or known as "ma lai go" in cantonese.

Really need to try all the four signature dishes of the restaurant.

As usual the siew mai and har gow is a must order when eating dim sum.

Lastly the century egg porridge

If ever I visit Hong Kong again, I will try to dine at the Tim Ho Wan Restaurant.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dim Sum at Spring Court Restaurant Chinatown Singapore

Hubby and me had one of our lunch date at Spring Court Restaurant Chinatown. The restaurant was one of the oldest chinese restaurant around since 1929, it used to be known as Wing Choon Yuen.

Had their famous huge popiah, the fillings were huge and tasty - highly recommended to try.

Yangzhou fried rice (my photo did not do a good service to the fragrant rice hahaha, wrong angle in taking photo of the plate resulting the plate looked so small, is actually a huge portion for two)

Prawn roll - love it but wish there's not so much seasame seeds

Siew Mai

Har Gow

BBQ pork bao(bun)

Century egg porridge

Next time would try the ala carte dishes

Been to this restaurant several times in the past few years but did not take any photos cause was not blogging at that time.