Friday, September 27, 2013

Crayfish with Chilli Crab Sauce

I found this chilli crab sauce by Sing Long tasted so good, just like what were sold in the restaurant.

It was simple to use, just follow the instructions behind the bottle.

As I never know how to kill live crabs, I decided to replace crabs with crayfish.

Dont choose those crayfish with big shells,just choose the medium size will do, big shells does not mean the crayfish has more meat.

Steam the crayfish with some slices of ginger and some chinese wine to kill the fishy smell.

The crayfish is cook when the shell turned orangy colour.

Set the cooked crayfish aside, then cooked the sauce as per the instructions on the back of the bottle. I used only half the bottle for my crayfish. When boiled, pour the sauce over the cooked crayfish. It tasted good and spicy, yummy.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chendol Mooncake Agar Agar

This is my first attempt on making mooncake agar agar.

Got these mooncake moulds during my trip to Penang.

For the filling aka chendol agar agar, I used the cupcake moulds.

A success, the mooncake agar agar really looked like the real traditional baked mooncake.

For the recipe, I got it from this lovely blog of Auntyyochana Blog.