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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mango with Honey dew and Sago

While out shopping with my girlfriend, we decided to hide in this little cafe at Bugis Junction from the hot sun outside.

We had this cold mango with honeydew and sago is so good.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fine Dining at Jade, Fullerton Hotel

Thanks to D for the warm welcome and warm hospitality at Jade, Fullerton Hotel. We enjoyed ourselves so much at this fine dining and the food was great. Thanks for the good recommendation and introduction of the food.

The appetizer tasted good and comes with nice and beautiful dishwares.

The daily soup of the day is Winter Melon Soup with Chicken. The soup tasted so good and yummy.

Abalone siew mai - yummy.

Xiao Long Bao - tasty and juicy once you bite into it.

Bean squid dumpling - at first I was quite scared that it wont taste good because of the appearance and because it was made with the squid ink.

But once I bit into it, it was so yummy. The black skin is made of black fungus (mu er) and it was so soft and tender and the prawn inside was so tasty. You should tried this.

Fresh prawn dumpling (Har Gow) - I always love har gow.

Guo Tie or pot stickers - I love this too and the guo tie comes with a batter at the back for decoration. The batter was so cripsy and the guo tie tasted so good. Yum Yum

Cod in Vinaigrette - another good and yummy dish. The cod was so fresh and tasty.

Pork Belly with honey - ooooo, the pork belly was so soft and tender.

Crispy noodles with huge prawn - yum yum the noodles was tasty and the prawn so fresh and soft and tender just like the lobster. (I am craving for lobster

This is the last dish - dessert. The pancake was made with sweet potato and the juice was mango and pomelo. A nice tasty dessert to end this fine dining.

Now the three types of chillis to go with the above food. This chilli dish is up to the individual to eat with or without the above (This chilli photo is for my overseas/non Singaporean friends).