Friday, December 26, 2014

Lunch at Curry Times Changi Airport Terminal 3

Lunch with siblings and our spouses at Curry Times, Changi Airport Terminal 3. Changi Airport Terminal 3 is like a huge shopping mall with lots of restaurants and shops, dont have to travel to other countries to be at the airport hahaha. We love to dine in Changi Airport, so spoilt with lots of choices of food.

The food at Curry Times was so good and suitable to all our taste buds.

They even have a corner selling their signature curry puffs.

Curry Chicken cooked without coconut milk for healthy choice.

Curry fish head with vegetables

Cold Tofu with century egg


Ngo Hiang

Ladies Finger/Okra with sambal chillies

Long Beans with sambal


Fish Ball and Meat Ball Soup


Did not take photos of the rest of the drinks

As the name suggest Curry Times, so most of the dishes are spicy but the spicyness is moderate for us.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lunch along Singapore River

Hubby and me had lunch at one of the restaurant along Boat Quay/Singapore River. We ordered the set menu for two at only $9.80 ++, very worth. If we will to order al carte we could not order too many dishes cause the al carte dishes were only in one size and look too much for us.

Soup of the day is some kind of salted vegetables with duck, tasted very good.

Mango salad

Three different types of spring rolls

Two baskets of assorted dim sums.

Sambal Kangkong

Braised tofu

Dessert of the day

We ordered additional a plate of deep fried baby squid at only $6.

Love the great view as we dined there and enjoyed the cool breeze as it was a very cloudy day.

There were many such restaurants along Boat Quay/Singapore River but please be cautious when ordering food especially seafood. Crabs, lobsters were priced according to market price and double check the price before ordering the seafood. It can costs few hundred dollars for such dishes cause they served very expensive crabs/lobsters,etc.

The chilli crabs served in most places around Singapore are Sri Lankan Crabs and much cheaper. Of course if you dine in fine restaurants, you need to pay for the ambience. It is much cheaper to eat chilli crabs at zhi char(cooked/fry) stalls at hawker centre/coffee shops around Singapore. If there's queue it must be good, if the stalls are quiet means not worth visiting lol.

But some restaurants do serve good chilli crabs at reasonable prices.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tea Break at The Providore Mandarin Gallery

We had to rest after much shopping along Orchard Road, came across this lovely looking cafe, The Providore at Mandarin Gallery.

Had cappuccino to kill all the sleepiness and tiredness hahaha. Lovely to see heart shaped art on the coffee.

Spotted Pat and Stick's ice cream sandwich, we just need to order them and try it. It's actually ice cream sandwiched between some cookies.

Double Choc

Vanilla Lace

Monday, December 8, 2014

Lunch at Central Hongkong Cafe at Orchard Central Shopping Mall

Last week, had lunch with my friend at Central Hongkong Cafe at Orchard Central Shopping Mall. The decoration of the cafe had the vintage Hongkong environment. Cantonese songs were played in the cafe.

Spotted portrait of famous late Hong Kong Actress Lydia Sum and that of late Actor Shek Kin (he is very famous in protraying villian roles).

Only those in my age group will be familar with their acting especially during the black and white TV era.

No introduction needed for this portrait of the late Bruce Lee.

Very vintage looking of the cashier counter in the cafe.

We had the bucket bean curd with pearl.

My friend had soup wanton noodle.

While I had rice with crispy duck, luncheon meat, veggies and fried egg.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gurney Drive (Penang Food) at Changi Airport Terminal 3

Now we dont have to go all the way to Penang to eat Penang food, we can find it right here in Singapore. One of Gurney Drive's outlet is located at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

We need to tick our order on the ordering sheet and then pay at the cashier before they served us the food.

Saw so much delicious food in their menu, wanted to order a lot of food lol, but we cant eat that much.

So we settled for the famous Penang Laksa, the noodle seems a bit too thick for our liking but the gravy tasted so good with the sour taste.

Penang Char Kway Teow, like it that it was not so oily as the Singapore Version.

Our side dish of Lor Bak

Sis had the normal chendol

I had the chendol topped with the durian - yummy