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Monday, May 16, 2016

Grandniece's full month celebration - Food Catering from Deli Hub Catering

My grandniece's full month celebration.

Glutinous Rice cooked by my eldest sister. She really can cooked so well, it was so delicious and not oily.

Just celebrated my grandniece's full month celebration. In Chinese culture, it is common to hold at the baby´s first-month birthday with red eggs party. Usually the baby's name is announced to friends and relatives at this party. One might find a bowl of brightly coloured cooked chicken eggs on the guests' buffet or serving tables,[1] or the hosts might hand out the red-dyed eggs, symbolizing joy and renewed life. (Source:) wikipedia.

Buffet was from Deli Hub Catering, I found the food very tasty and love the curry chicken the best.

The common area outside my nephew's house was so spacious, the common area was shared by 4 units of household and the space is great to place buffet table and chairs. Luckily the neighbours are all very friendly.