Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lunch at Fish Spa Daegu South Korea

Yum Yum, our lunch at Spa Valley were so good. Perhaps the cold weather outside made us hungry and the hot pot of food keep us warm.

Rows of hot pot of food.

The metal bowl consists of rice and the metal spoon and metal chopsticks are the traditional cutlery of the korean. I bought 4 pairs of chopsticks and spoon set back

This pot of hot food consists of tang hoon (rice vermicelli), different types of vegetables, three layers of porks, etc. The soup stock is good and we could add more soup and tang hoon when we finished them.

Side dishes of vegetables, kimchi and seaweed.

The seaweed tasted salty and we wrap them with the korean rice and it tasted so good.

I enjoyed this lunch so much.

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