Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chicken with white fungus and quail eggs soup

Cooking the Chicken with white fungus soup with the slow cooker is very easy.

Ingredients: 500 gm chicken (I used breast part),4 to 5 red dates (without pitts),handful of wolfberries, handful of north and south apricot slices (available from chinese medical shop, some called them almond slices),2 white fungus and salt to taste

Soak the white fungus till fully expanded and separately soak the wolfberries too.

When the white fungus expanded fully, cut the centre hard part and throw it away, cut the rest of the fungus to smaller pieces.

Blanched the chicken and throw the water away, refill with about 1.5 to 1.7 litres of fresh water.

Add in the red dates, apricot slices (good for curing cough and phelgm), white fungus, boil for a while before transferring to the slow cooker.

Cooked on high for 3 and half hours. After cooking for 2 and half hours, add the soaked wolfberries (drained the water away).

Optional: Boiled some quail eggs and add into the soup too. At this point, taste the soup, and add salt to taste.

Continued to boil for another 1 hour (total 3 and half hours)

The soup is really tasting and soothing, good for those with dry throat, cough and phelgm.

Video on step by step on how to cook the soup using the slow cooker.

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