Friday, January 27, 2017

Dinner at Roland Restaurant Pte Ltd Marine Parade

Roland Restaurant is one of my favourite restaurants. We used to come here very often but did not take any photos. This time, I managed to take photos of the dinner using my hand phone, the photos did not turn out very good but the food is really very good and tasty.

You Tiao with sotong paste (you tiao also known as chinese fried dough or chinese crullers and sotong paste is squid paste)

Chilli Crab - Roland Restaurant is the founder of chilli crab. Read the whole story of chilli crab in here.

Chilli Crab need to be eaten with fried mantou , dip the mantou into the chilli crab's gravy, tasted so good.

Roast chicken

Sweet and Sour pork (hubby's favourite dish)

Sambal Kangkong

Roland Restaurant

89 Marine Parade Central # 06 - 750, Singapore 440089

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