Thursday, August 7, 2008

Putu Mayam

This is my breakfast on Sunday Morning. It is known as Putu Mayam. It does not taste as nice as during my childhood time. I guess most are factory made now instead of homemade.

Putu mayam is a sweet dish of rice noodles with coconut and jaggery as main ingredients. It is popular in southern India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, as a snack or breakfast food.The process for making putu mayam (also known as string hoppers in English) consists of mixing rice flour or idiyappam flour with water and/or coconut milk, and pressing the dough through a sieve to make vermicelli-like noodles. These are steamed, usually with the addition of juice from the aromatic pandan leaf (screwpine) as flavouring. The noodles are served with grated coconut and jaggery, or, preferably, gur (date palm sugar). In some areas, gula melaka (coconut palm sugar) is the favourite sweetener.Source taken from wikipedia. You can click on it to view more information.

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